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Why I’m Running

Hi there!

Houston is the best city with the best people I know. I’m proud to call Houston home and am eager to serve this city I love.

Here is why I’m running for City Council: I’m running because it’s a pivotal time for our city, and there are some big things we really need to get right if we want Houston to thrive and be a successful, competitive, world-class city of the future.

First, with Harvey still unshakably on our minds, we must invest in transformative drainage improvements and flood mitigation strategies to protect against the next storm.

Second, we must do a better job with transportation:  more options, less congestion, and well-maintained, safer streets.

Third, we need city policies and practices to attract the next generation of Houstonians—less sprawl and more vibrant, pedestrian-friendly activity centers with access to housing, jobs, transportation, services, parks, retail and recreation. Houston must be a modern city that innovates and evolves.

Sallie Alcorn for City Council at large #5

I’m running to make sure city government delivers basic services in the smartest way possible. Reliable, effective public safety. Good infrastructure. Clean water. Trash picked up on time.  Quality libraries and plentiful parks. A faster permitting process. In providing these services, we need more government flexibility, transparency, and responsiveness. The city needs to live within its means, spend money wisely, and plan for the future. We all need a city government we can trust and be proud of.

I’m running because I know this job, I can navigate the city, and I love this work. For the past ten years working for three council members and the city’s flood czar, I have learned the nuts and bolts of how the city runs—what works, what doesn’t work, how local government can help, and when it should stay out of the way.  Mostly, I’ve learned Houstonians are the most hard-working, optimistic, big-thinking, friendly, and generous people around. As written above the entrance to the City Council Chamber, “The People are the City,” and it would be my greatest honor to continue working with the citizens of Houston to shape a brighter future for our city.

I hope you will join the team and be a part of this exciting campaign. I need your help and want to know about the issues most important to you. This will be an inclusive, positive, idea-driven campaign, so don’t be shy with your suggestions and feedback. Let’s work together to make big things happen for Houston!

Stay tuned for more and thanks for visiting.

Sallie Alcorn